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Bud Genius Announces Intention to Repurchase More Company Shares

Bud Genius Announces Intention to Repurchase More Company Shares Company is considering repurchase of up to 2 billion shares...

Bud Genius Announces Important Addition to Advisory Board

Bud Genius Announces Important Addition to Advisory Board Dr. Peter Wilson taught Accounting at Duke University and served as...

Frequent Questions

No. As long as the current management is in place, we will never do a reverse stock split. The only circumstance where that could possibly serve the interests of company and shareholders would be prior to an exchange uplisting. Since there are no current plans to place Bud Genius, Inc. on the OTC:QB exchange, this is not an option.

We have received many shareholder requests to do a buyback to reduce the total outstanding shares of the company. We also feel the number of outstanding shares is too high.  The company recently completed a buyback of nearly 5% of the company’s outstanding shares, and is presently in discussion about ways to do more.  As buybacks occur, the shares will be cancelled and the board will complete a resolution to reduce the authorized shares.
Yes.  We are in the cannabis industry for the long haul and pay special consideration to our long-term shareholders and partners who are buy-and-hold investors.  We are “long-term greedy” and are not concerned with quick profits or traders that exhibit no loyalty to our family of shareholders.

The company has announced its plans to launch a new subsidiary, Genius Biotech Corporation, to specialize in the healthcare aspects of medical marijuana. The company plans to file an S-1 registration statement, be fully audited, fully reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, and list on the OTC:QB. BG Medical Technologies will place its medical device, treatment solutions, and product manufacturing projects into Genius Biotech Corporation as a stand-alone corporation with its own growth potential.

Please stay tuned and watch for more information.

Discover the benefits that arise from having a family of related companies. From lab testing to analytics, data collection to branding, our integrated divisions work harmoniously to create a powerful collection of products and services that provide a wealth of value to customers and shareholders in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

There are many ways to measure the quality of a company: Revenues, longevity, market share, management and product development are just a few. The goal at BG is to excel in the areas that will deliver sustainable, long-term success to the company. We focus on innovation and expansion, with a portfolio of cash-flow rich products and services that support our continued growth.

There are no shortcuts to success. While some companies in the cannabis sector have achieved rapid growth, many of them are down significantly from their historic highs. Our aim is to build a business that becomes the leader in the market. Our focus is to become a blend between Proctor & Gamble and Apple:  A strong culture of innovation, with a deep product portfolio, dependable earnings, and the world’s most loved brands.