Marijuana Company Bud Genius in Talks to Acquire High Profile Celebrity Product Endorsements


Bud Genius (Symbol: RIGH) is currently negotiating exclusive product endorsement and licensing deals with celebrities, stars, entertainers, and other household names. Competitors in the industry have eagerly but unsuccessfully sought these high profile endorsement agreements in the past, intending to brand cannabis-related products using celebrity images. Now, however, Bud Genius’ success in acquiring these celebrity partnerships may give the company massive new gain potential. Bud Genius has the opportunity to become the only publicly traded company in the cannabis industry to profit from numerous agreements with smaller businesses nationwide looking to become a part of something bigger, and in the process gain access to resources previously available only to much larger corporations. Simply put, for Bud Genius, this could be like dropping a whale in a bathtub.

These exclusive celebrity endorsement contracts are being negotiated by Bud Genius’ new subsidiary, Genius Biotech Corporation, a Delaware corporation preparing for its audit and S-1 registration for listing on the OTC:BB. CEO Angel Stanz said, “From McDonalds to Rolls-Royce, the power of branding has been proven over and over again. We are bringing this power of branding to the cannabis industry. The magnitude of these contracts dwarfs Bud Genius, and soon everyone will be able to see why we needed to create the new OTC:BB subsidiary. It is hard to describe how incredibly excited I am for our team in putting this together, and I am pleased to give this news to our shareholders today. As cannabis and marijuana-related products continue to rise in popularity throughout the United States, celebrities are looking to get on board with the movement and ride the cannabis legalization train. Early and isolated trials for celebrity-branded products have resulted in sellout events. After the initial launch is complete, Bud Genius expects to introduce this model to other medical, adult-use recreational, and cannabis-friendly states.”

In pursuing these deals, we have found that celebrities often prefer to endorse very specific genetic profiles, medicinal effects, and quality markers. Bud Genius testing makes it uniquely possible for high profile individuals to put their personal stamp of approval on their preferred products. Only products identified as being of the highest quality through Bud Genius laboratory testing will qualify for use in one of the numerous celebrity brands currently in development, and every branded product will be matched using Bud Genius’ exacting quality standards. Interested dispensaries and other distributors must qualify to carry each brand individually, meeting all necessary legal requirements in their state and local region.

Bud Genius will also add non-THC products to its sales distribution channel, including celebrity branded hemp products, hemp infused edibles, and consumption devices. The company recently completed a stock repurchase, lowering its outstanding and authorized shares by about 5%. For more information about Bud Genius products, please visit the company website,

About Bud Genius
An early leader in an industry that many are speculating will grow, Bud Genius is one of the first established analytical cannabis laboratories in the United States. Bud Genius was launched to bring vendors together with doctors, patients, and dispensaries that require certified products held to demanding standards. Bud Genius has a vision to expand across the US and abroad serving as the beacon of quality for medical cannabis and adult-use marijuana through the formation of regional laboratories. Certification, data collection, and online reports are the measure by which the company gains.

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Bud Genius
Angel Stanz, Chief Executive Officer