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BG Medical Technologies Leads the Medical Marijuana Industry in Providing Transparency to Investors

BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (OTC:RIGH) announces newly launched investor relations components for its company website at, reflecting their ongoing efforts to provide up-to-date information for medical marijuana investors and shareholders. These upgrades provide a comprehensive overview of BG Medical Technologies from an investment advisory perspective, including recent news releases, corporate governance, regulatory filings, stock …


BG Medical Technologies Announces Expansion Plans to New Headquarters for Supporting Growth

BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (OTC:RIGH) today announces the relocation to new corporate headquarters for accommodating its rapid growth and future expansion plans. These new facilities will provide increased capacity for medical marijuana laboratory testing, developing natural medicine solutions, media production, content creation, sales, and leadership functions across the company. The newly designed laboratory is configured …


TeleHealthcare Systems from BG Medical Technologies to Reduce Patient Healthcare Costs and Improve Lives

BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (OTC:RIGH) is set to engage an $11 billion dollar tele-healthcare market in addition to the projected $14 billion dollar medical marijuana market, with Internet and smartphone applications to support growing trends of natural medicine and wellness care. Healthcare costs in the United States are some of the highest in the world …


Technology Leader Begins Development on Diagnostic Hardware to Support Medical Marijuana Treatment for Cancer and Critical Illnesses

BG Medical Technologies (OTC: RIGH) has announced development of a USB-enabled diagnostic support device that will facilitate patients suffering from critical illnesses such as cancer, to match the most effective plant variants for physician-recommended medical marijuana treatments. The device will collect patient data in a non-invasive manner by detecting subtle shifts in the patient’s physiology …


BG Medical Technologies Launches Corporate Website for Medical Marijuana Investors

Leading medical cannabis company creates gateway for corporate insight and investment information. BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (OTC:RIGH) has launched a new website for investors, shareholders, and individuals interested in the company products and services strategy as it relates to the medical marijuana industry. At investors are provided information to bridge the gap between media …


BG Medical Technologies Announces Corporate Insight Website

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (OTC:RIGH), a leading provider of business solutions to the medical cannabis industry, announces the launch date for its new corporate website, On February 22, 2012 9:30 AM ET, BG Medical will illustrate its ongoing focus to alternative medicine solutions, cannabis technologies, and its …

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