BG Distribution

BG Distribution

Optimizing the Cannabis Industry Supply Chain

Currently, if you are a dispensary owner, licensed grower, or medical collective, you have your hands full. Each day, you are managing multiple vendors: purchasing packaging from one company, ordering testing services from another, and keeping a fresh stock of cannabis from one or more growers.

Bud Genius optimizes this process – and then takes it three steps further.

Now, with one phone call, dispensaries and collectives can place orders for branded, carefully grown cannabis; and have it fully tested and packaged upon arrival.

While Bud Genius does not grow or distribute cannabis, we have exclusive relationships with the nation’s leading growers to produce branded product to our specifications. This “Celebrity-Endorsed” cannabis is tested by our own labs to assure freshness and consistency. It is then packaged in our own branded packaging system for delivery to the collective or dispensary.

This integration of product oversight from seed-to-sale provides assurance to dispensary owners, managers of medical collectives, consumers and patients alike that the product they receive is up to the highest standards and delivers on its brand promise.

Bud Genius takes this three steps further by offering retail merchandising services that can significantly improve sales and customer loyalty.

  1. The company offers an easy-to-implement system that helps consumers and patients find the strain that works best for them, and gives bud tenders information that enables them to recommend other strains with complementary properties.
  2. The company provides retail merchandising solutions to create a visually appealing environment that is both informative and stimulating.
  3. The company gives the tools to dispensaries and collectives to implement retail tracking and rewards programs designed to inspire customer loyalty while making smart decisions regarding product stock, offers and promotions.

Bud Genius is the only company in the cannabis industry that offers a comprehensive, vertically integrated solution providing such a wide range of benefits.