Bud Genius

Bud Genius

Marijuana Testing and Profiling

Bud Genius operates a fully equipped cannabis testing laboratory in California, and provides trusted services to growers, dispensaries and collectives throughout the state. Plans are in in the works to open a second facility in Northern California to handle the influx of business from the region, as well as new labs in Colorado, Washington and other states as they come online with legal cannabis programs.

One of the key differentiators between Bud Genius and all other labs, is that we not only test marijuana for key components, including THC, CBD, pesticides and mold, but we also collect subjective data on each sample with input from patients and users, to build a comprehensive profile on each strain.

This collection of reviews, input and analysis is used to build what we believe is the world’s most accurate Predictability Chart – giving cannabis patients and consumers insight so that they may better choose the best strain for their particular wants and needs.

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, this measurability and predictability will become crucial, as consumers will want to know in advance, the expected outcomes of any particular strain or product they are considering for purchase.

Bud Genius also features:

  • Most visited cannabis laboratory website.
  • First service to display online public results for cannabis.
  • Patients utilizing BudGenius to find tested medicine that eases their ailments.
  • Dispensaries using BudGenius attract more patients to their collective.
  • Cost-effective and accurate testing service serving State of California.

Dispensaries using BudGenius will be able to attract more patients to their collective by using our measurability and predictability outcome analysis along with our testing services. Consumers will benefit by being able to match their needs with the proper products.

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“As a representative of a select group of Humboldt County gardeners, the services that BudGenius has provided lends validation to our craft. We are proud of our work and in establishing relationships with collectives and patients. We believe that BudGenius is helping pave the way to conscious medical administration. The option of an interactive website will make it possible for us to stay up north, doing what we do best, and still have accurate and up to date information for our Southern California associates.”
- Humboldt County Housewives, Cannabis Farmer

“Thank you to the Bud Genius crew and especially to Angel. Your website and company really give a more professional feel to our product. V420 is intriguing enough upon describing it. But if one is just a little bit reluctant I say… “Look, we are testing for potency!” Once I show the BudGenius Strain ID Card, the deal is sealed. BudGenius, You Rock!”
- V420, Cannabis Product Manufacturer