Genius Biotech Corp

Genius Biotech Corp

A New Vision for Healthcare Services

The current United States medical care system is layered in administrative bloat and facilities that are expensive to maintain. Yet, we are surrounded by portable computing devices with the power to measure, monitor, and communicate. These same tools have the potential to become cost-effective devices for monitoring changes in body chemistry. By activating technologies that are currently available today we can realize this vision. By harnessing the same devices that are sending email and Twitter messages, we can monitor how well the natural medicine you took this morning is bringing the body back into healthy alignment. That may seem surprising, but the human body operates much like a device, sending electrical impulses that can be tracked and calculated by smartphones and tablets, and interpreted in detail by a remote staff of trained physicians.

Computers are capable of identifying complex patterns from large stores of data much faster than human beings. Imagine the electrical impulses from your body being available as a flow of data in the Internet cloud. Your readings could then be compared to billions of other bodies experiencing similar symptoms. This could then be further compared and contrasted with thousands of treatment options and correlated with an infinite number of environmental factors, all designed to determine the best medicines for you. With this type of analysis, trained providers can suggest the best medical treatments — all within the privacy of your own home, a convenient lunch break, or after a relaxing evening just before bed.

We believe this is the future for affordable and effective healthcare.