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Our suite of products currently available and pending development

A informative website for medical cannabis patients and a safety service for dispensaries launched in 2010. This social website combines with our medical cannabis testing laboratory to help predict the therapeutic effects of thousands of marijuana strains by combining scientific data and crowd-sourced reviews.

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BG TV is an HD video content network that will serve as an edutainment channel for cannabis related topics, including medicinal education, benefits, and alternate uses for hemp. This technology is currently under development with an expected release date in Q3 2012.

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eCommerce Engine

eCommerce Engine

BG Med Tech recognizes the need for a mature cloud-based eCommerce service specifically tailored for the medical cannabis industry. Strategic partnerships to rapidily bring a BudGenius integrated solution to market are being considered. A release date has not been planned.

Q3 2012

To Be Announced

A previously unannounced product is expected to be announced in early Q3 2012. No further details are being offered at this time due to the highly competitive impact this product/service is expected to create within the cannabis industry. This technology is currently under development.


Technology Incubator

BG Med Tech represents a strong background in software development, media, and finance. Steps are being identified to release an incubator and acuisition pipeline to foster the evolution of alternative-medicine solutions. Additional information will be shared starting in 2013.

BG Vision

BG Vision 2015

Our corporate vision for 2015 drives our technology development, acquisition, and human resource decisions. We are embracing data-driven solutions that close the loop between cost-effective diagnosis support tools and affordable organic treatment programs. This exciting journey is the pulse of BG Med Tech.

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