RIGH Introduces Incoming CEO Angel Stanz and BudGenius


FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. , Dec. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — RightSmile, Inc. (OTC:RIGH)

Angel Stanz , CEO of BG Medical Technologies, Inc., represents an accomplished history having held top positions inside several influential technology development firms. During the dot com era, Mr. Stanz served as Senior Research & Development Engineer for CAIS Software Solutions (previously ATCOM/INFO). CAIS became the innovation leader that spearheaded public Internet access solutions, and is responsible for introducing the Internet connector technologies that business travelers enjoy in hotels and cafes across the world daily. Angel worked directly with hardware manufacturers to introduce new protocols to Cisco, 3Com, Cabletron, and Tut Systems microchips that have now become standard features in public access deployments globally. In addition to overseeing high profile installations for Hilton and Marriott brands, he also oversaw the first home-based wifi installations to premier residential properties. A strong focus was placed upon delivering voice/video/data across existing telephone infrastructures utilizing prototype and emergent DSL technologies. Angel also assisted in delivering premier solutions for digitally delivered video content to hotel televisions, a system that has now replaced older VCR decks previously used to queue in-room entertainment. CAIS received investments from Microsoft, KKR (“Kravis, Kohlberg, & Roberts”), and culminated with a successful acquisition of CAIS Software Solutions by Cisco Systems.

Angel continued to form and advise several strong software startups with an emphasis upon ecommerce and merchant services. This led to establishing a highly sought after consulting firm, Codezero Media, that served the online pharmaceutical market. Codezero managed clients processing millions of dollars in online transactions weekly. This culminated in the production of two ecommerce engines that served as the technology foundation through several future Codezero Media related companies. The ecommerce product continues to be updated using recent technologies and is currently being considered for the medical cannabis market. It’s sister product to an e-wallet application, which was utilized for several LEC billed products (direct to home phone billing) that together grossed $8 million annually. Other notable online products developed include social, dating, and entertainment websites that have received design awards as well as attention in Rolling Stone magazine. Codezero Media continues to serve as Mr. Stanz’s technology incubator.

After standing alongside a family member struggling with cancer, Angel became familiar with effective, but highly under publicized, alternative medical therapies. Inspired by a desire to deliver disruptive technologies that affected human wellness, Angel brought his team’s focus to the medical cannabis industry. After working under contract with several prominent medical cannabis brands, development began upon BudGenius.com to address industry gaps and bring further light to the medical efficacy of cannabis. BudGenius.com is now a highly recognized brand to patients, dispensaries, and medical cannabis cultivators. BudGenius.com launched as the first portal for patients to research safe cannabis online, and remains the most highly trafficked website for laboratory services having served over 230 clients in California alone. BudGenius.com continues to develop support technologies for patients, dispensaries, cultivators, and physicians. 2012 will bring office expansions and software licensing to additional state-legal cannabis territories to support emerging regulations that mandate laboratory testing for medical cannabis use.

The discrepancy between federal and state guidelines regarding medical cannabis is recognized. BG Medical Technologies and associated cannabis brands, including BudGenius.com, operate within compliancy to state-specific medical cannabis laws. BG Medical is confident in the longevity of the BudGenius.com brand and services as witnessed by Gallup’s recent poll of 50% of USA citizens supporting implementation of legal medical marijuana polices. Currently one third of the USA population resides in a state with legal medical cannabis policies, with recent legislation pending or pursued in the majority of remaining states.

BudGenius.com derives its current revenues from laboratory testing. Revenue channels in development include highly targeted advertising, dispensary support tools, physician support tools, ailment-specific diagnostic and treatment programs, edutainment media content, and location-based social mobile applications.

BG Medical Technologies maintains offices in USA, Ukraine , and Philippines .